Program Note

Triphoria was written for a Celliola concert in September 2009. The program was shaping up as mostly viola/cello and violin/cello duos, but it seemed a shame not to join forces for a trio. A string trio of the appropriate length written after 1900 did not come to mind, so I seized the opportunity to write Triphoria. As for its title, I could tell you that there are three tempi, that a three-note figure gives rise to most of the pitch material, that there are three basic musical ideas, all for three performers. I might mention that the three performers comprise three-quarters of Quartet Euphoria. That would illuminate the title somewhat. As for the music, I hope it will speak for itself.

About Tom Flaherty

Tom Flaherty is a composer and cellist who works with music for humans and electronics. He earned degrees at Brandeis University, S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, and the University of Southern California,…