The Angels


Program Note

The movements of The Angels can be played in any order and combination. Not all orders and combinations are created equal. The one presented here is the composer’s. Different orderings can convey different meanings and emotions, and thus can be tailored to fit the performers’ mood and experiences. This should be taken into account when planning the performance.

The movements are conceived as tangents to life in in Los Angeles, California, where they were composed. The motivic interrelation between the movements is highly complex. Quotations abound, try and find them all! Many questions arise. Answers are fleeting.

In ten movements:
This is the first movement
Spaghetti Western
La Fiesta
The Suburbs
Waiting Tables
There are no stars
Mulholland Dr.
Ghosts and Instagrams

About Ben Phelps

Called “feisty” and “impressive” by LA Times, Ben Phelps is a an active composer, percussionist, and founder of things. His music has been called “enchanting” (LA Weekly), “a riot” (LA…