Plainsound Brass Trio, Op. 50 (Region 1)


Program Note

This piece is a study exploring new playing techniques for microtonal just intonation. All the valve
slides must be carefully tuned according to the instructions given below; and as all notes should be
played with the valve combinations specified in the score, they “only” need to be centered in order
to produce the intended microtonal pitches. The trombone part is composed in such a way that all
notes within each of the 18 sections of the piece are to be played exactly in the same slide position,
no matter whether the trigger valve is empoyed or not; and whenever the slide position is changed
(at the beginning of every new section) it must be carefully tuned as specified in the score.

About Wolfgang von Schweinitz

Wolfgang von Schweinitz was born on February 7, 1953 in Hamburg, Germany. After initial compositional attempts since 1960, he studied composition in 1968-1976 with Esther Ballou at the American University…