Tight Sweater Remix


Program Note

Tight Sweater Remix is a Piano and Marimba version of Tight Sweater, arranged for the Strike duo, which was originally written for Piano, Cello, and Marimba and was commissioned by Real Quiet and the Muzik 3 Foundation in 2005. Of the six original movements, three seemed to work quite well for Piano/Marimba duo. It is music that is tightly composed, with rapidly shifting patterns of notes and rhythms. The two instruments combine, mix, and “remix” in ways that present each one as half of a combined larger instrument. Linear melodic lines are formed from vertical sounding harmonies; funky bass lines can dictate harmonic textures while chordal sounds can inspire melodic writing occurring between the instruments.
— Marc Mellits

About Marc Mellits

Composer Marc Mellits is one of the leading American composers of his generation, enjoying hundreds of performances throughout the world every year, making him one of the most performed living…