say I am not far enough


Program Note

1. Bird at Dawn, February
3. Malheur Maar
4. Filed Burbning Debated, Salmon fate Discussed
5. Infinitive
6. Acorn Woodpacker
7. Late Dusk

Baritone voice, harp (or guitar), string quartet

Seven poems by Ursula K. Le Guin set for baritone voice.

“To be we need to know the river
holds the salmon and the ocean
holds the whales as lightly
as the body holds the soul
in the present tense, in the present tense.”

This piece was written for, and dedicated to Scott Graff.
Texts are used with the author’s permission.

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Inspired by a wide variety of unexpected places, impulses, and experiences, Los Angeles-based composer Jason Barabba processes his encounters through a personal artistic lens to create pieces that reflect his…