Program Note

As soon as I composed the first measure, I knew that the piece would be based on colors and the title would be Kaleidoscope. There was a moment of hesitation when acknowledging the debt to Debussy, in particular, the intervallic language derived from the whole tone scale.

In Composing, I do not like to predetermine structure, (as many of my colleagues do). I do like to enjoy the adventure along the way. In that way, the balancing of phrases and events reveal the form, as it is being developed. I feel the same way about program notes. Rather than describe the way the piece unfolds and develops, I would like the listeners to also enjoy the adventure along the way. —William Kraft

About William Kraft

William Kraft (b. 1923, Chicago) has had a long and active career as composer, conductor, timpanist/percussionist and teacher. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where…