Food Fight


Program Note

Written for the New Music on the Point Summer Festival

FOOD FIGHT is a humorous take on all of the fun, drama, and toils of the titular battle. The text (written by the composer) describes the joy of seeing everyday foods such as eggs, peas, and flour thrown across the room at one’s opponent… and then the misfortune of having to clean up the mess made afterwards. – Nina Shekhar

yellow eggy splatters
on my purple itchy sweater
and my polka-dotted trousers.
chocolate smears on my cheeks,
my hands covered in slimy goo.
and on it goes,
this dirt tea party
with bread crumbs in my hair
throwing food at you
as we enter this glorious food fight.
splashing the tomatoes
flying peas in the air
sugar on the floor
brown rice
throwing all-purpose flour.
pie in the face –
pie in my face?
pie in your face!
oh, what a mess we’ve made,
but before we clean up…
just one more splatter!

About Nina Shekhar

Nina Shekhar (b. 1995) is a composer whose music explores the intersection of identity, vulnerability, love, and laughter. Her works have been performed in concert by leading artists including Eighth…