An Imaginary Thing

Program Note

(Duration – 17 mins; The last movement One Brief Hour may be performed as a stand-alone piece of 6:30 mins.)

An Imaginary Thing is a three movement work inspired by Walt Whitman’s One Hour to Madness and Joy. This piece tries to capture the frenetic, angular, reckless nature of the text, as well as its underlying lyrical side. The relationship between piano and violin changes over the course of the work from a combined furious clash of notes to intertwining layers, to a single lyrical entity, reflecting the characters present in the text.

I Deliria – II. Savage and Tender – III. One Brief Hour

About Juhi Bansal

Described as “radiant and transcendent” (New Classic LA), the music of Juhi Bansal takes its inspiration from a disparate set of elements. As an Indian composer brought up in Hong…