2 Whimsey for violin-“siblings”


Program Note

In two quite differently lengthed sections, the sibling relationship is hopefully clear. Like in the case of sibling–related people, the personality and appearances in one are not necessarily “developed” in the mannerisms and habits of the relative, just a different personality with things in common.The piece is written and dedicated for a sibling pair who live in Paris — Hubert and Lilia Theurier — and it was there that I wrote the composition in the fall of 2013. The composition is in no way a portrait of these two friends, and the dedication is in thanks for a wonderful week I spent that fall renting their apartment in the heart of Paris. Lucky me… “siblings” was premiered in that apartment shortly after being finished.

One of the initiating sources of inspiration for “siblings” is the song “Hush Sweet Lover” written by k.d. lang for the film Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. Perhaps you can see where I am going with this: old terminology for gay (male) relationships and gay (female) relationships was itself the evocation of a taboo — described in sibling terms: brothers, or sisters. This manner of relationship documentation goes back to Medieval times and earlier. While I had no intentions of creating a piece to depict or evoke sociologically concatenated cultural complications, it was with pleasure the compositional process revealed an inherently ambiguous expressive intent on its materials, and what to do with them, that eventually has to find its out: somehow, someway.
— Mark Menzies

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