Kevin Good


Kevin Good is composer, percussionist, and sound artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Kevin’s music explores silence, extended durations, the use of notebooks and, personal experiences. In September of 2016 Kevin created the first Calendar Concert Series, a concert series dedicated to putting on an event once every month (beginning in September) for an entire year. As artistic director of the series Kevin composed, curated, and performed works on each concert in the series.

He is a member of Quartet Friends, a contemporary chamber ensemble with Percussionist Katie Eikam and Pianists Richard An and Wells Leng. He is also a member of DesoDuo, a percussion duo with Katie Eikam dedicated to performing new and experimental works. Kevin received his Bachelor’s in Percussion Performance and Musical Composition where he studied with David Macbride, Ken Steen, Robert Carl, and Ben Toth. Kevin also holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Performer-Composer at California Institute of the Arts where he studied primarily with Michael Pisaro, Jonathan Hepfer and Laura Steenberge. His first album Listen is available from Edition Wandelweiser Records.