Program Note

„When I first met Philipp, he was three and a half years old. Never again I have heard such tones and sounds in narrative. He created them especially in the smallest room: MonsterDwarfs, WitchGiants, MurdererWhizzFairies, SpruceConeWizards, RacerKnights, GoldPrinceUFOs, BoarderRiders and KingPilots. EagleOwChicks on SnakeHorses, PrincessTigers next to GiraffeWolfs. SabertoothEagles and WhalesharkDragons fought with and against each other, for and over something, more precisely: for all or nothing. They met on mountain passes an in CloudDizzyGorges, in the ultrahigh TreetopGreens of our parks and in GrayDarkIceValleys of far galaxies. Diving into SeaSludgeReedRocks and in RainBoneDeserts, dancing on HurricaneLashes, laying inmidst luminous scenting StrawNectarSkyBlossoms. Incredible, breathtaking coincidence and fleeing changes of the polymonophonic soundmesh of non-words, non-places, descent and home. YellMurmurWhisperCrunshed. Brutal – simultanious – fragile. A clarity and unity of sounds, contents and movements, alienating during the process of growing older, from the “country, that speaks our language…“
Helmut Oehring

About Helmut Oehring

The composer, director, choreographer and author Helmut Oehring was born in 1961 in East Berlin. As hearing child of deafmute parents he considers German sign language his mother tongue, as…