Program Note

Mirrors is a piece written originally for the CD-rom Prisma dedicated to my music. In the context of the CD-rom, the user can build and play his own versions of Mirrirs, by combining pre-defined fragments. Because written for this purpose, the piece is built in such a manner that it can be reconstructed in multiple versions. The fragments of the game are the passages separated with a double bar. The existing score is my own version of Mirrors, but musicians are welcome to construct their versions of it. They should, anyway, try to follow the ideas I had about musical mirrors: there should be always a mirror in one or several of the following musical dimensions: rhythm, pitch, instrumental gesturr or timbre.

The mirror can be horizontal, between flute and cello, rhythm mirror, gesture, vertical, timbre, flute gesture, cello gesture, rhythm pitch. -Kaija Saariaho

About Kaija Saariaho

Kaija Saariaho is a prominent member of a group of Finnish artists who are making a worldwide impact. She studied in Helsinki,Fribourg and Paris. At IRCAM, Saariaho developed techniques of…