Memory Fragments (Wir sind noch nicht zu spät)


Program Note

or violin, piano, and percussion
Commissioned by the Varied Trio
Premiered as part of the Furchwanger institute’s 20th anniversary celebration at the Villa Aurora

From that moment as a child when you first found a memory, the lifelong journey through memory began. We spend one part of our lives living in recollections, the other part making those for the future. Traveling back through our own time, though, is not simple. We are not indexed chronicles, but rather complied fragments of haphazardly chosen moments. Linearity is lost in favor of randomness. Specificity of time and place loses to generality, disintegrates until only feeling is remembered.

This piece progresses through remembrance of its own past, an attempt to make something coherent from the wayward thoughts, those we call upon, those we bury.
— Tristan Xavier Köster

About Tristan Xavier Köster

Torn between the punk music of his childhood and the classical canon he loves so dearly, Köster is constantly improvising and searching for an unheard, yet intuitive way to approach…