Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein


Program Note

This piece was generated by my method pf chorale synthesis, based on the “multidimensional scaling” (MDS) of harmonically rationalized pitches. After studying MDS maps I made of a Bach chorale, I defined two simple rules for synthesizing a chorale: 1. The harmonicity of a chord randomly chosen from any MDS pitch map is proportional to the indispensability of the pulse on which it is to be played, 2. every chord and the one following share a note in common. “Harmonicity” and “indispensability” are mathematical concepts I defined in 1978 for harmony and meter. Based on these rules, the piece was written for a computer-driven pipe organ in Cologne in the church of St. Peter (the Rock), aka “Simon, son of Jonas” (hence the title “for Simon Jonasson-Stone” in German). Premiered in 2012, I arranged it for ensemble in 2015-16. – Clarentius Barlovicus

About Clarence Barlow

Clarence Albertson Barlow(also Klarenz; 27 December 1945 – 29 June 2023) was a British composer of classical and electroacoustic works. He was an academic teacher internationally, at the Royal Conservatory…