Double Ikat, Part Two


Program Note

The title refers to a style of weaving common in South East Asia in which both the threads of the warp and weft are dyed to create the pattern or image. For me, the title thus relates to the interrelationships of the three instruments and to the title of the choreographic work from which it sprang. I wish to thank Brenda Way for creating much of the atmosphere which infuses the work; Lou Harrison for providing the inspiration to create my most blatantly lyrical work to date; and Willie, Julie, and David for working closely with me throughout the composition, rehearsal, and revision of the piece. The last section of Part Two of the work is an homage to North Indian sitarist Nikhil Banerjee, one of the finest musicians of this century, who died at far too early an age in 1986.
— Paul Dresher

About Paul Dresher

Paul Dresher is a multi-talented composer who is uniquely able to weave contemporary classical, pop, minimalist, and South and Southeast Asian musical styles together into his own distinctive personal style.…