bridges no. one


Program Note

zaq kenefick: Once I played Reich’s pendulum music, but my microphone was a little off center of my amplifier, the feedback kept (groaning) we couldn’t stop until the Speakers were Still as i Sat onstage, i saw our audience- intellectuals and researchers- begin to cover their ears. torn between the appreciation of a giant in their field and the wall of oppressive noise. Do not tear down all of the concert halls Marinetti; I need them to yell in. I like to speak where the voice is just about to break – know that it could be broken with a gentle push, or be reigned in,. Watching sound, language and performance approach failure – and failure to communicate.

About Zaq Kenefick

Zachary Kenefick is an artist usually located around Long Beach, California. He has studied poetry, sculpture, and composition at CSU Long Beach. His artistic output is often centered around the…