and the sky was still there


Program Note

Written in 2010 for violinist Todd Reynolds, and the sky was still there tells the story of an old friend, Amber Ferenz, and the epiphany that led her to embrace her true self, confront the US Army, and accept a dishonorable discharge under the Army’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Amber tells her own story in this work, while the violin plays along, providing a sometimes-somber, sometimes-whimsical sub-text. Amber’s story, though unique, represents a struggle we all face on some level, whether to conform to cultural expectations, or defy them in pursuit of greater truths.

— David T. Little

About David T. Little

David T. Little is “one of the most imaginative young composers” on the scene (The New Yorker), with “a knack for overturning musical conventions” (The New York Times). His operas…