“Allegory” from Rotational Games


Program Note

My sonata, Rotational Games, is an exploration of musical forms that twist, vary, and recur. The “Allegory” is a wild, escapist fantasy sandwiched between two darker movements, and presents a vision that the rest of the piece tries (and ultimately fails) to achieve. With hints of an out-of-the way basement jazz club, the movement gives us two passes at a musical parable. The first time thru, we only get the surface meaning of the story, and the music fizzles out in confusion. The next time, however, we’ve cottoned on to the allegory’s hidden meaning, and the movement blossoms into a radiant celebration of hidden knowledge.
— Brin Solomon

About Brin Solomon

Brin Solomon writes words and music in several genres and is doing their best to queer all of them. Solomon majored in composition at Yale University before earning their MFA…