Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen is a composer, sound artist, performer, and curator of new music. From her massive landscape inspired projects and intimate chamber music creations to her multi-media collaborations, and organization of new music events she has created a body of work with a profound breadth of vision. With a Ph.D. in Composition from UCSD, doctoral studies in Music Theory at Yale University, post-doctoral studies in Music Technology at IRCAM in Paris, and Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros, her work encompasses a vast sphere of interest. Her multi-media operas/music dramas and site-specific environmental works have been commissioned and premiered by such new music performers and ensembles as: soundSCAPE, Zeitgeist, Ethel, Tony Arnold, Aiyun Huang, Jane Rigler, Trio Solisti, Verdehr Trio, ICE flutist Claire Chase, New York New Music Ensemble, California Ear Unit, JACK and Arditti String Quartet, multi-media collaborations with IMAX filmmaker Greg MacGillivray, TED Fellow photographer Camille Seaman, video artist Quintan Ana Wikswo and visual artist Judy Chicago. Selected as an Alpert Award Panelist for 2010, she is a frequent guest lecturer, performer and invited scholar at festivals and universities world-wide. Currently, she is curator of the Annual New Music Festival, World Electro-Acoustic Listening Room Project, and Film as Collaborative Art Series at Cal State Fullerton where she is Professor of Music Composition.