Evan Beigel


Chicago native Evan J. Beigel is a Los Angeles based Composer, Producer, and Recording Engineer who learned his craft through a traditional music education (MFA in Music Composition) and countless hours in the recording studio with world-class Producers and Engineers such as Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac), Taavi Mote (U2, Madonna), and Pat Regan (Rainbow, Deep Purple).

Early in his career, Evan pursued film composition. Quickly becoming inundated with requests for his production, engineering and mixing skills, Evan built his own recording studio in a 3,000 square foot warehouse in North Hollywood, CA. Evan’s facility eventually grew into two, full-service recording studios where he formed Jojo Ocean Music-a production company dedicated to producing records for developing recording artists, creating scores, and post-production sound for feature films, and custom music catalogs for film and television. During this time, Evan would work with a wide range of artists including the award-winning inventor, Ray Kurzweil and Brazilian world music artist Badi Assad. Later, Even moved on to serve as Staff Producer, Music Director, and Director of A&R for Bluefish Entertainment where he produced records for notable artists such as Michelle Featherstone, Merchants of Moonshine, and Ambrose. Evan would also begin composing music for large music production houses such as Killer Tracks and De Wolfe Music, UK.

Discovering a passion for teaching, Evan spent three years instructing audio production students at the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles. Evan’s teaching would eventually earn him an invitation to the University of Oxford to lead a seminar with undergraduate and graduate music students about the required skill sets needed in the field of commercial music composition.