Daniel Flores


International Trumpet Artist, Daniel Flores, enjoys a career involved in exciting projects ranging from concert soloist to chamber music. With a reputation for outstanding sound quality technique and musicianship, Daniel is sought out for performances of some of the trumpet repertoire’s most challenging works.

As a creative artist, Daniel is involved as an active participant at the Chosen Vale Center for Advanced Musical Studies, under the direction of acclaimed trumpeter, conductor, and educator, Edward Carroll. This project serves as a major platform for new and contemporary compositions, and is an assembly of some of the finest trumpeters in the world, including Håkan Hardenberger, Gabriele Cassone, ClémentSaunier, and Thomas Stevens.

An advocate for modern and new music, Daniel is reaching out to enthusiastic and like-minded composers, in the effort to expand the current repertoire, and strives to further advance the cause of the trumpet worldwide.

Daniel received his certificate under the Corso Speciale program at the Istituto Superiore Di Studi Musicali Conservatorio Guido Cantelli, in Italy, where he studied under the world-renowned trumpet soloist Gabriele Cassone, as well as having served as an assistant instructor of trumpet. A lifelong student, Daniel also studies with Håkan Hardenberger and Clément Saunier.