Tuesdays @ Monk Space presents

Another World at the Villa Aurora

October 19, 2019

8:00 pm

Pianist Genevieve Lee joins members of Brightwork Ensemble to present an evening of music from another place and time. In Saariaho’s enigmatic Mirrors, performers are given a series of musical fragments, to be assembled as desired, breaking down the need for a goal-oriented order. Veronika Krausas’ Un-Intermezzi are inspired by China Miéville’s Un-Lun Dun, a haunting story of an alternate and parallel universe. George Crumb’s masterpiece Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale), for three masked players bathed in blue light, takes the audience on a captivating, mysterious, and timeless journey. Altromondo (Another World), by Kurt Rhode, calls for melodicas, harmonicas, Chinese paper accordions, triangles, and antique cymbals, in addition to a number of preparations inside the piano. We are transported to a place where time is not an arrow – locations are in flux, and the music as “object” never stands still.