Title Instrumentation Composer
Red Arc/Blue Veil 2002 piano, vibraphone John Luther Adams
Catch 1991 piano, cl, vln vcl Thomas Ades
He watches the clouds pass the window*  2016 vln, retuned vcl, kb, per, elec Bill Alves
Organism 2010 flute, clarinet, video Jason Barabba
Für Luise solo piano Clarence Barlow
Waiting for Billy Floyd 2011 Sextet +video Eve Beglarian
Scorpio * 2016 Sextet Adam Borecki
Taurus *2016 Sextet, electronics Ethan Braun
Like dreams, statistics are a form of wish fulfillment 2005 Sextet, electronics Benjamin Broening
Living Room Music 1940 Percussion quartet John Cage
The Night Mare 2011 Sextet + viola Christopher Cerrone
I will learn to love a person 2013 pno, clarinet, soprano, perc. Christopher Cerrone
Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot 1974 Sextet + soprano Peter Maxwell Davies
Isla 2012 flute, vibraphone, electronics Ian Dickie
Time Curve Preludes 1977/78 piano solo William Ducksworth
Psy 1996 cello, flute, percussion Peter Eotvos
Internal States 2016 * ** Sextet Tom Flaherty
Cellorimbian Flights 2006 cello, marimba Tom Flaherty
Scale 9 2009 Sextet Sean Friar
Migration 1997 Sextet Alexandra Gardner
Mariel  2008 cello and percussion Osvaldo Golijov
Light is Calling 2004 violin with video Michael Gordon
Radio Free Los Angeles Sextet Jonathon Grasse
Charme solo clarinet Gerard Grisey
mediatations, micro-aggressions, & agitated elegies 2018 Sextet Rocco Harris
Ariadne 1987 Flute and Percussion Lou Harrison
By-By Huey 2014 Sextet Ted Hearne
Call of the Messenger bass flute and electronics Jason Heath
Endangered Voices: Wayana Songs 2015 Sextet Jason Heath
Jupiter, the Moon, and Myself 2000 Soprano, flute, vln, piano Sean Heim
Vallat 2011 fl,cl,pno, vln, vla vcl Jeffrey Holmes
Thrall* Sextet Jeffrey Holmes
Sagittarius * 2016 Sextet Vera Ivanova
Parallel Divergence Pno,vln,vcl,fl,cl Takuma Itoh
Bang 2003 Sextet and electronics Douglas Knehans
Morphallaxis 2008 flute, perc, cello, electronics Panyiotis Kokoras
Kaleidoscope 2014 ** Sextet William Kraft
Settings from Pierrot Lunaire 1987-90 Sextet +soprano William Kraft
Un Intermezzi 2012 Solo piano Veronika Krausa
Virgo * 2016 Sextet Mikhail Krutik
Sweet Air Pno,vln,vcl,fl,cl David Lang
51 Preludes 2011 solo piano Daniel Lentz
Echoes in the Petals Falling 2016 flute, cello, bass, electronics Wen Liu
This Time Around * 2018 flute, cello, electronics, video Frederico Llach
Why Women Weep 2016 cello and electronics Pamela Madsen
Harmonic Fields 2010 Sextet Liviu Marinescu
Tight Sweater 2005 cello, piano, percussion Mark Mellits
Ararat 1995 ** Sextet Shaun Naidoo
Nigerian Spam 2010 solo percussion + electronics Shaun Naidoo
Mine, Mime, Meme 2015 Sextet Andrew Norman
Perpendicular Twins 2016 Sextet Vicki Ray
Stellar Remnants 2017 cello + electronics Ellen Reid
Rarefaction 2016* Sextet Elise Roy
Mirrors 1997 Flute and Cello Kajia Saariaho
Petals 1988 solo cello + electronics Kajia Saariaho
Birds in Warped Time II 1980 piano, violin Somei Satoh
Cendre 2007/08 solo bass flute + electronics Dominique Schafer
Fluchtpunkte 2002 Sextet Dominique Schafer
New Age 2017 piano and electronics Issac Schankler
Sever 2016 * Sextet Isaac Schankler
The Glam Seduction Sextet + bass D. J. Sparr
Subterranean Dance Sextet Russell Steinberg
Tierkreis 1974/75 Sextet Karlheinz Stockhausen
Four Dreams (2006) Sax, piano, perc, electronics Dimitry Tymoczko
Spiral 1 1987 cello, piano, percussion Chinary Ung
…Still Life After Death 1995 Sextet + soprano and bass Chinary Ung
Refuge flute, clarinet, vln, vcl, pno Ken Walicki
Solo clarinet piece clarinet, objects Brian Walsh
*World Premiere